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YES I’M OUTRAGED, NOW WHAT?, by Preciada Azancot and Antonio Galvez

Yes, I am outraged, now what?

An unstoppable movement of outrage is shaking the World. This is no longer a surmountable crisis, but the collapse of a civilisation with outdated values that have given rise, among many other things, to the obscene enrichment of a small minority at the expense of the vast majority, the systematic violation of Human Rights, a discredited political class, an incomprehensible Justice system which fails to punish unscrupulous speculators who lead millions of families to ruin, and the increasingly irreversible deterioration of our planet.

But outrage isn’t enough. It’s time to debate  and propose new values and institutions for building a BIO-DEMOCRACY and a new philosophy of life aiming for a new BIO-HUMANISM, a place for everyone – Man and Nature – where respect, sensitivity, care, justice, admiration, commitment and happiness can be the normal standard.

This book proposes solutions for the challenges that lie ahead, in the form of a dialogue between the planet Earth, which while having suffered the devastating action of mankind remains his home, and the People, understood as being the most advanced, aware, alive, outraged, committed and true of the human race, irrespective of the ideology, origin, creed, race, social status or age of its members.

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