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Here we present to you the books written by Preciada Azancot we have already published in English. Please, click on the covers above to read the synopsis and to buy a book if you want to.

From «The Science» collection:

From «The emotional saga»:

The Universe of safety - Preciada Azancot - Front cover

From «Dialogues» collection:

Yes I'm outraged! Now what? by Preciada Azancot and Antonio Galvez

From «Tales» collection:


The Universe of Safety: Making fear retreat: The emotional saga (Volume 1)

The Universe of safety - Preciada Azancot - Front cover

«This book about safety and fear reveals a fundamental aspect of MAT, the first precise science of the human being, a revolution without precedent in the human sciences, of which it has been said with reasonable grounds that “MAT represents for the human sciences what the Theory of Relativity represented for the physical sciences in its day”.

This work has the advantage of putting complex, profound concepts of vital relevance within the reach of the public at large through enjoyable and testimonial dialogues that will make readers reflect profoundly while guiding them on the thrilling path of finding a lasting, solid and authentic safety that will remove them from the fears that diminish the full scale of their human dimension.

A book in which each reader will identify with one of the six characters in the book recognising the human beings that surround them in the remaining characters.

A book that offers answers to questions as old as creation and that, until know, had not been answered. A compendium of authentic wisdom.»

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The little girl who made God laugh, by Preciada Azancot

A timeless classic of tomorrow, within your reach today


This short novel, written for all ages, is a masterpiece that every grandparent should give to their children and enjoy with their grandchildren.

It tells the story of the little girl who lands on earth in search of her soul mate and reminds us of The Little Prince in a world marked today by hope in womankind, allowing us to experience beneficial options for the world, to renew ourselves, flow, enjoy, find truth, discover new paths, plan, reveal our irresistible power and bear witness to a better world made in the image and likeness of the most exalted human potential, in all places and for all ages.

This journey of initiation, led by The Girl who made God Laugh, written in an amusing, friendly, fresh, essential, pure, profound and accessible style, will reveal that it is possible for us to anticipate and enjoy the keys of the kingdom of the wisest human being, not only along the route of the heroine’s pilgrimage through the Sahara, Paris, New York, China, Italy and Provence but anywhere in the world.

A book destined to become a classic that will in the future inspire the best directors of films, cartoons, comics and documentaries.

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Synopsis: An entire generation has lived enamoured of The Little Prince written by Antoine de Saint Exupéry and continues to dream about him. And now, taking over the torch – since she was born almost when he disappeared into the sky – the author of this short novel for children of all ages – especially the age of grandparents – arrives to bring us The Little Girl Who Made God Laugh. A great admirer and lover of the Little Prince, she has created a Little Princess for him, so that he never has to leave our world again.

Preciada Azancot, renowned as the creator of MAT (Metamodel of Transformational Analysis), whose books are available from the same Publishers, has made the Little Prince’s dream for this world a reality: finding the harmony, clarity, corporality, metamorphosis, soul and spirit, lost on this planet.

The story tells how a little girl, fallen from the kingdom of the angels, brings the laws of heaven to this earth and searches for her little prince, her twin soul, in order to build with him that paradise for two called a couple.

To do this, she seeks him in the desert, then in Paris, then in New York, then in Peking, then in Benares, then in Rome, finding him at last, at the end of the tale, where she least expects it.

While she seeks her loved one, the girl gives each capital and its inhabitants the keys she brought from Paradise.

From the stars, The Little Prince provided the elements that man has to supply to make this world better. In a century illuminated by hope in womanhood, The Little Girl provides the keys that woman has to supply, so that together and united they may return, without having to die, to the Garden of Eden.

A story that is moving, entertaining, educational and above all takes us back to the origins and essences that all angels share, enriching our lives.

A wonderful and wise book for all ages.

YES I’M OUTRAGED, NOW WHAT?, by Preciada Azancot and Antonio Galvez

Yes, I am outraged, now what?

An unstoppable movement of outrage is shaking the World. This is no longer a surmountable crisis, but the collapse of a civilisation with outdated values that have given rise, among many other things, to the obscene enrichment of a small minority at the expense of the vast majority, the systematic violation of Human Rights, a discredited political class, an incomprehensible Justice system which fails to punish unscrupulous speculators who lead millions of families to ruin, and the increasingly irreversible deterioration of our planet.

But outrage isn’t enough. It’s time to debate  and propose new values and institutions for building a BIO-DEMOCRACY and a new philosophy of life aiming for a new BIO-HUMANISM, a place for everyone – Man and Nature – where respect, sensitivity, care, justice, admiration, commitment and happiness can be the normal standard.

This book proposes solutions for the challenges that lie ahead, in the form of a dialogue between the planet Earth, which while having suffered the devastating action of mankind remains his home, and the People, understood as being the most advanced, aware, alive, outraged, committed and true of the human race, irrespective of the ideology, origin, creed, race, social status or age of its members.

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