The Universe of Safety: Making fear retreat: The emotional saga (Volume 1)

The Universe of safety - Preciada Azancot - Front cover

«This book about safety and fear reveals a fundamental aspect of MAT, the first precise science of the human being, a revolution without precedent in the human sciences, of which it has been said with reasonable grounds that “MAT represents for the human sciences what the Theory of Relativity represented for the physical sciences in its day”.

This work has the advantage of putting complex, profound concepts of vital relevance within the reach of the public at large through enjoyable and testimonial dialogues that will make readers reflect profoundly while guiding them on the thrilling path of finding a lasting, solid and authentic safety that will remove them from the fears that diminish the full scale of their human dimension.

A book in which each reader will identify with one of the six characters in the book recognising the human beings that surround them in the remaining characters.

A book that offers answers to questions as old as creation and that, until know, had not been answered. A compendium of authentic wisdom.»

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